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Get a full shopper behavior report for your market to improve your Amazon sales and sponsored ad efficiency— powered by data science and Amazon Brand Analytics. 

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The brand analytics report blew my mind! The amount of actionable data in the report is extremely helpful for my business - such as understanding exactly in which positions I need to rank for in order to get sales for a particular keyword, which competitors may be using black hat tactics, and the impact of sponsored ads specific to my market. These are insights I have not seen anywhere else!  

-Liran Hirschkorn 

  What is a Shopper Insights report?

If you’re a brand-registered Amazon seller, you likely now have access to Brand Analytics in Seller Central. There are incredible insights hidden within this data that can be used to make smarter decisions and real improvements. 

With our new Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) model, Viral Launch will process your Brand Analytics data, return a detailed shopper insights report, and reveal the massive golden nuggets hidden within your Brand Analytics.

You won't find anything like this anywhere else!

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Your Shopper Insights report includes...

Heat Map of Your Keyword(s)

Sponsored Ad Impact on Your Market

Analysis of Top Competitors

Review Rating to Sales Relationship

Manipulation Detection

...and more!

amazon data science

Crafted by real data scientists

The Viral Launch data science team is obsessed with leveraging data of all shapes and sizes to help you better understand the world of Amazon. (That's how they were able to find such valuable insights hidden within Brand Analytics) 

Each Shopper Insights report is crafted using the brilliant systems designed by this incredible team to help you drive more sales on Amazon!

A detailed breakdown of the Shopper Insights report  

Shopper Insights Heat Map Visualize how customers are shopping in your market.  

Can you drive significant sales volume without ranking in the top 5? Top 10? We’ll show you how deep customers are shopping for your keywords with easy-to-read heat maps. Now, you know exactly what position to work towards.

Sponsored Ad Rank Impact Discover how much impact Sponsored ads have for your keywords.  

Can you claim market share without ranking organically? Some keyword markets see a majority of sales go to top advertisers, whereas other keywords are dominated by organic results. Want to see if there’s a chance to drive significant market share with sponsored ads in your market? 

Analysis on Top Performing Competitors Understand your market’s top performing ASINs

What are the factors driving the success of top performers in your market? We’ll share insights about the products getting the most clicks and conversions, so you can better understand how to compete.

Review Rating to Sales Relationship Grasp the impact of review rating on sales in your market

How important is review rating anyways? Quickly identify the correlation between review rating and sales for top products in your market. Dig in deep to this metric to better understand what signals are compelling people to buy.

Manipulation Detection Find competitors cheating the system to get ahead  

If competitors are manipulating Amazon’s systems to boost rankings, that’s not cool. With Shopper Insights, you can quickly pinpoint those ASINs and report them to Amazon.

Giveaway Detection Pinpoint which competitors are running promotions.  

Want to quickly find which competitors significantly increased sales and conversion share to boost their keyword ranking? 

Included bonus: 4 Surprising Insights 

Shopper Insights features four fun facts that caught us by surprise. While they aren’t actionable findings, they are still pretty interesting! A few of them include include The Funniest Thing We Found and Wild “Customer” Search Terms.

Here's how it works

1. Send us your Brand Analytics data

Upon purchase, you’ll receive instructions on how to download your Brand Analytics report from Seller Central. Then, you’ll send that report to the Viral Launch team. (Note: you must have access to Brand Analytics)  

2. Wait 4 business days as we process your report  

Our team will run your Brand Analytics data through a set of algorithms created by our data science geniuses. Just sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting here.  

3. Receive your full Shopper Insights report  

Your Shoppr Insights report will be emailed to you. This 14+ page PDF contains keyword heat maps, sponsored ad impacts, an analysis of top performing competitors, and so much more

You will never look at keywords the same

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Q: Who can get a Shopper Insights report?  

A: Shopper Insights utilizes Brand Analytics data for the US marketplace, which means you must have access to Brand Analytics in your Seller Central account. You may have it if you’re enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry program (it is still being rolled out to all these accounts). Viral Launch does not provide sellers with Brand Analytics data.  

Q: Is Shopper Insights compliant with Amazon’s Terms?  

A: Yes, from our perspective, the Shopper Insights report is fully compliant with the Brand Analytics Terms and Conditions. You are supplying us with the Brand Analytics data you already have access to, and Viral Launch is working as an agent for your company to process the data for your own internal business use.  

Q: How will shopper insights actually help me to improve my Amazon sales?  

A: Shopper Insights will help you understand where your product needs to be ranking for specific keywords to maximize traffic. Organic traffic is the most powerful sales driver on Amazon. Secondly, knowing which keywords are more heavily influenced by sponsored ads can help you to make more efficient PPC targeting decisions.  

Q: What else is in Brand Analytics?  

A: While we've made some major discoveries within Brand Analytics, there's a high probility that more data is lurking within. As our team continues to help more customers process their Brand Analytics, we fully expect new discoveries will come about. Not to mention, our community is brilliant, and now with these powerful findings in their hands, we also expect bright ideas to come from the community!  

Q: What marketplaces are eligible?

A: Shopper Insights is only available for (US marketplace) accounts.  

Q: How long will it take to get my report?

A: Answer Up to 4 business days.  

Terms of Service

Viral Launch will process your Brand Analytics data and return a detailed shopper insights report. To be eligible for this service you must be a brand-registered Amazon seller and have access to Brand Analytics in Seller Central. Your Shopper Insights report will include a Heat Map, Sponsored Ad Impact, Analysis of Top Performing Competitors, Review Rating to Sales Relationship and Manipulation Detection.  

The information provided to Viral Launch via the customers Brand Analytics report is intended for the Permitted Business Purposes only and customer will take all reasonable measures to avoid disclosure or unauthorized use of the ABA Information. Viral Launch is acting as an Authorized User or agent who has a need to access and view the provided data and known Information for a Permitted Business Purpose and who agrees to act in accordance with Amazon's ABA Agreement. Viral Launch is acting as an agent to help process the given information that the customer has provided.  

Please see Viral Launches full Terms of Service Here